The biggest ideas set free in a space of play.

At HowTheLightGetsIn we face up to the frontiers of philosophical thought, mapping as-yet uncharted territories to forge new paths through our perplexing world.

We've just announced our first debates! With topics ranging from post-truth and paradox to artificial intelligence and adventures in space, this is shaping up to be our most vibrant programme yet.

19 06 13. the future of freedom.

The Future of Freedom

popularity and prejudice 5

Popularity and Prejudice

Adventures in space 2

Adventures in Space

the end of the west 4

The End of the West and the Future of Thought

Whats wrong with us 3

What's Wrong With Us

the strange world 3

The Strange World

19 06 13. post truth and new lies

Post Truth and New Lies

19 06 13. end of the left and right

The End of Left and Right

The Lonely Planet 3

The Lonely Planet

The Godless World 3
19 06 19. The Godless World mobile

The Godless World

19 06 13. Seeing It How It Is resized

Seeing It How It Is

The Mystery of Life 2

The Mystery of LIfe