It used to be an uncontroversial statement: bad boys are sexy. From iconic actors like James Dean and Johnny Depp to fictional characters like James Bond and Indiana Jones, the silver screen served us up the men our mothers warned us about. But now, traditional masculine qualities are being called out as toxic, and many wish to cleanse the world of the men we love to hate.

Should we celebrate the opportunity to redefine masculinity, replacing bad boys with more positive role models? And if so, what does that new masculinity look like - and does it still have sex appeal? Or do we need to admit that danger is integral to desire, and see the attempt to cleanse masculinity of all its vices as a mistake that will leave everyone worse off?

Editor of The Amorist and Telegraph columnist Rowan Pelling, author of What Women Want Ella Whelan, and broadcaster Myriam François imagine a new masculinity.

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