Check out our full music line-up for HowTheLightGetsIn London 2019!

From soul-stirring singer-songwriters to exhilarating dance music, thegrounds of Kenwood House were alive with sound throughout the festival.

Nerina Pallot May 17 Nerina Pallot Shoot 2 high res

Nerina Pallot

Don Letts1

Don Letts (DJ Set)

CC Smugglers homepage

CC Smugglers

Sam and the Womp

Sam and the Womp

tugboat captain

Tugboat Captain

Freya Ward

Freya Ward

robin scott

Robin Scott

mica jane

Mica Jane

wednesdays wolves

Wednesday's Wolves

Sarah Meek and Guy Shotton

Sarah Meek and Guy Shotton



Luna Bec

Luna Bec

little water

Little Water

wicked splinters

Wicked Splinters

moonlit poachers

The Moonlit Poachers

marina avetisian

Marina Avetisian

Olivia Fern 2

Olivia Fern



Parties 2014 resized

DJs and Parties

19 05 17. Venues
19 06 18. Venues mobile


19 05 17. Cabaret


19 05 17. Day Sessions

Day Sessions