For al long time Britain has been politically stable. Chaotic government, revolutions and civil war were the wild actions of other nations, but not us. Yet now our society is fiercely divided, each tribe rigidly certain of their moral rectitude, unwilling to negotiate or even converse with their adversaries. And with the yellow vests bringing violence to the streets of Paris earlier in the year it is not only Britain that seems to be edging towards instability.

How does a culture rediscover harmony when it is deeply divided? Is it possible that the UK could be closer to large scale social unrest than we imagine? Have toleration and pluralism run their course? Can we forge a harmonious future, or are peace and stability necessary casualties when there is so much at stake?

Founder of Novara Media Aaron Bastani, former leader of the Liberal Democrats Vince Cable, and political commentator and journalist Ella Whelan consider the conflict to come.