Fourth wave feminism and the #MeToo movement looked as though they were going to change the world. But with Trump tipped by many to win a second term and Johnson selected from an all-male shortlist, it seems that reality may be more complex. Women run just 20% of the UK's businesses and female entrepreneurs receive less than 5% of venture capital funds.

Is the continued dominance of men in many fields a sign that ingrained prejudice is profoundly entrenched? If so, how can it be overturned? Is it just a matter of time before things even out, or are we mistaken to look for equality in every sphere and instead seek to increase the value of roles in which women already excel?

Journalist and visiting Fellow of All Souls, Oxford Mary Ann Sieghart, author of One Dimensional Women Nina Power, and lecturer and author of Becoming Beauvoir, Kate Kirkpatrick ask whether the sun is setting on the reign of men.