"There's something afoot in our culture which makes everyone feel as if they've got to know about everything, but there's very little time for an experience to be had."

Sophie Fiennes is an English film director and producer. Her films have documented everything from prestigious French ballet and the installations of German artist Anselm Kiefer to the philosophy of Slavoj Zizek, with whom Fiennes collaborated on the Pervert's Guide to Cinema and Pervert's Guide to Ideology. Fiennes' documentaries dwell on esoteric personalities and subcultures, and are shot in a slow-burning, visual style which resists the tendency to information overload. Fiennes' most recent project follows artist and model Grace Jones, whom Fiennes filmed for a decade, following her from stage to studio and beyond.

"Sophie has remained independent, emerging as a director unafraid of difficult, uncommercial subjects." - Telegraph

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