"Demography is deeply embedded in life. In a sense, it is life - its beginning and its ending."


Paul Morland is an Associate Research Fellow at Birkbeck, University of London, well known for his research on the intersections between demography, ethnicity, and nationalism.

Morland was at Oxford before taking his doctorate at the University of London. Currently based in London, he holds dual German and British citizenship, and also speaks French. His portfolio of work on demography is wide-ranging, including commentaries in both UK and Israeli newspapers. His first full-length book, The Human Tide, was published earlier this year. Met with acclaim from the likes of Whiteshift author Eric Kaufmann, the book addresses the movements of history through the lens of population statistics, maintaining, for example, that the effectiveness of the British Empire in the 19th century was due to Britain's large population, which could be readily exported around the globe.

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