"In our own personal, private space, these really patriarchal, imperialist narratives come and interrupt how we think about ourselves. We won’t move beyond that until I can look in the mirror, you can look in the mirror, our daughters and their daughters and just see a human being." 

Writer and critic Minna Salami is the founder of the award-winning blog MsAfropolitan, which connects feminism with critical reflections on contemporary culture from an Africa-centred perspective. She is a contributor to the Guardian, CNN and BBC, as well as a speaker for the EU and the UN, and has been listed alongside Michelle Obama and Angelina Jolie as one of the 12 Women Changing the World by Elle magazine. Her hotly-anticipated debut book, Sensuous Knowledge: A Black Feminist Interpretation, will be published by Harper Collins and Zed next year, and has already been optioned by a major Hollywood production company.

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