A faculty to rival any university teach two-part courses throughout the festival for IAI Academy.

Philosopher Kate Kirkpatrick will usher in the Saturday with a 2-part course on The Philosophy and Feminism of Simone de Beauvoir.

Author of Humanity 2.0, Steve Fuller will make The Case for Transhumanism, envisioning a future where uploading our minds to machines and achieving immortality are the new norm.

In Facts in the Post-Truth Era, Asa Wikforss will explore why we are vulnerable to disinformation and how we can defend against it.

On Sunday, philosopher David Pearce will outline his plan for The Abolition of Suffering, whether through designer drugs, gene editing, or direct brain stimulation.

Meanwhile, world-leading behavioural geneticist and author of Blueprint, Robert Plomin, will discuss How DNA Makes Us Who We Are, and how new advances will transform science, society and our understanding of ourselves.

IAI Academy represents a new kind of learning: hosting the most original scholars in an accessible forum to develop and explore new ways of thinking. See the full programme of events here.