To all our Festivalgoers,

We had a truly wonderful time at HowTheLightGetsIn London this weekend. We'd like to thank everyone who came for contributing your ideas and helping us create such an electric atmosphere. It was a perfect way to wrap up what has been a very special 10th anniversary year for HowTheLightGetsIn.

In 2018 the Independent's reviewer said "I barely saw anyone without a smile". This year we're sure there was no one.

If you too are missing it already, you can find a selection of festival highlights in the gallery on our website. And as ever, sign in to IAI TV to relive your favourite debates and talks online.

All our love,

HowTheLightGetsIn and the Institute of Art and Ideas  x


There are just under 150 Festival Tickets left for HowTheLightGetsIn London next week and we're expecting they'll all have sold out very soon.

For just one weekend, you can hear from the world's leading thinkers, be blown away by chart-topping musicians, laugh until your sides hurt with some of the UK's most talented comedians, and much, much more.

If you're planning to join us in the glorious grounds of Kenwood House for HowTheLightGetsIn London 2019, now is the time to book. You can purchase your tickets here.

We can't wait to welcome you!

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The Full Programme for HowTheLightGetsIn London 2019 is now available to view! Browse events by theme or date.

We've got a packed weekend full of Debates & Talks, Music, Performance, Inner Circle events, Long Table Banquets, Academy Courses, Comedy, Festival Experiences, award-winning documentaries, and so much more.

Your weekend can span the future of space travel to contemporary feminism, the mystery of life to the rise of tech giants, party-starting DJs and inspiring films, indulgent four course banquets and unmissable stand-up comedy.

View the full 2019 programme here.

Fast Passes, offering priority access to our most popular events, are now on sale, plus a host of extra experiences - from breakfasts with headline speakers to freewheeling evening evening Philosophy Salons.

We can't wait to welcome you...


We've just announced another wave of speakers, including Greek economist Yanis Varoufakis, science journalist Angela Saini, and art rock legend and ambient pioneer Brian Eno.


Less than two months to go and we've just announced our comedy line up for HowTheLightGetsIn London 2019.

'Rising star of the British stand-up science' (List) Alex Kealy has brought brilliants acts like Nish Kumar, Aisling Bea and Phil Wang to HowTheLightGetsIn before they became household names.  

Fresh from their Edinburgh Fringe shows, we're sure this year's line up will be no exception.

Click here to find out who they are.


We've just announced another wave of speakers! Scholar of "surveillance capitalism", Shoshana Zuboff, award-winning journalist, David Aaronovitch, documentary maker, Sophie Fiennes, and pioneering chemist and outspoken atheist, Peter Atkins, join a host of other world-leading thinkers for a weekend of intellectual fireworks.

We've also announced a trio of new debates on the potential return to a theology of nature, the cycle of satisfaction and desire, and the return to moralism. This September's programme is shaping up to be our most vibrant one yet - and there are plenty more fascinating debates to come!


We've just announced our first speakers! Across a weekend programme of over 50 debates and talks with 100 of the world’s leading thinkers, you'll get to see philosopher and cultural critic Slavoj Žižek, Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable, economist and best-selling author Mariana Mazzucato, and Astronomer Royal Martin Rees, along with Guy Standing, Chantal Mouffe, Aaron Bastani, Natalie Bennett, Natalie Kofler, Joanna Gosling and many more. Check out the first speakers here.


We’ve just announced the first of over 50 debates & talks you can see across the HowTheLightGetsIn weekend.

Uncharted Territory is our theme, and each debate will confront a big contemporary issue where the future looks precarious, dangerous and uncertain. Speakers from around the world will be putting forward their ideas on what to do about climate breakdown, fake news, political division and the risk of global conflict. But it's not just politics - we'll be asking big questions on the possibility of progress, morality in a godless world, biotechnology, social relationships, rationality and the paradoxes that lie at the heart of current theory.

You can find out more about the first debates here.

A limited number of tickets are available here.