This year as part of our event series on space exploration, we are welcoming a prototype Mars Rover to HowTheLightGetsIn. Nicknamed Bridget,the rover is part of the ExoMars project, and its design has formed much of the basis for the Rosalind Franklin ExoMars rover - the first Mars rover designed specifically to find evidence of Martian life, past or present.

Appearing with the support of our Space Innovation Partner, Airbus, the rover will be accompanied by a dedicated team of engineers who will be on hand to talk about the ExoMars rover’s 2020 mission, its unique capabilities and to answer all of our audience’s questions. The rover will have a dedicated display and learning tent and will be showing from 10am - 6pm on both days of the festival.

Our other space events at the festival include The Mystery of Life, Into the Unknown and How to Land on Another Planet.

In partnership with Airbus