We'll be releasing the festival videos on IAI tv in the coming weeks. Visit iai.tv for more HowTheLightGetsIn content from previous festivals now!

There's so much to choose from in the Hat!

Here you can find live events from in depth interviews, and interactive ideas sessions, to our headline music names. Visit the stage icon to see what is on and what is coming next. And get updates from the host.

Hearing an idea that changes the way you think, or a tune that transports you, is only half the fun. The other half is sharing that experience with others. So you can listen to the performance on the stage or join a table and meet others at the same event. Some tables are labelled with a topic, others are free wheeling. We'd advise: join without video or sound. Check out what's going on and if you want to join in just turn on your video and sound. And you never know which of the speakers and acts from our star studded line up might pop in to join the conversation.

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All your questions answered

What does an online ticket get me?

The Online ticket grants access to the online festival, streamed live from Hay in real time. With over 80 events across 5 stages, our live streamed coverage of the festival includes many of the hottest debates and talks. Using our unique virtual reality platform, drop into each venue and follow the action. Meet and chat to other online attendees, explore the festival site, and enjoy the next best thing to being here in Hay.

Can I attend the whole weekend?

We'll be streaming debates, talks and interviews from 5 of our main stages on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th June. Pick up a single-day ticket to catch an unmissable debate, or choose a full weekend pass to save on the price of both day tickets.

What's it like to attend HowTheLightGetsIn online?

It's the next best thing to being here in Hay! You'll be able to explore the virtual festival site in real time, and drop in to any of the 5 venues to join the action as you please. Plus, you can meet and chat with other online festivalgoers in group and private messages.