Time Zones

Whether you're in Sydney, Mumbai, London, New York or Vancouver you can tune in to events at HowTheLightGetsIn. The Programme lists the events in London time (GMT +1), but there is plenty to watch in every time zone.

And for those of you unable to catch all of the festival events, debates, solo talks, hat sessions and academy courses will be available through our on demand streaming servie, iai.tv, after the festival, plus thousands more videos besides.


Wellington, New Zealand (GMT + 12)


Sydney, Australia (GMT + 10)

blue 1

Perth, Australia (GMT + 8)

pink 1

Mumbai, India (GMT + 5.5)

blue 2

Nairobi, Kenya (GMT + 3)

cream 2

Berlin, Germany / Paris, France (GMT + 2)

orange 2

London, UK / Lagos, Nigeria (GMT +1)


NY, USA / Toronto, Canada (GMT -5)

pink 3

LA, USA / Vancouver, Canada (GMT - 7)