Social Experiences

Half the fun of the festival is sharing the experience with other festival goers and carrying on the exploration of ideas in the bar after an event.
And we know the HowTheLightGetsIn speakers love to get to know our amazing audience.
So we have created free flowing and dynamic social spaces across the festival site.

Just click on a social venue on the festival site page and see what's happening inside. Step one, click on a venue. Step two, once inside choose a table, or the bar, click and you will be taken to a video interface where you can begin chatting.

The bar and the tables are all clickable and take you to video interactions with other attendees. Stick around at one table to get deep into an issue, or mingle like a social butterfly, flitting in and out of all the different video interactions going on at different tables and bars. Who knows which of our speakers will be popping in to dig deeper into the finer points of their arguments.

Waterfront table 1 with label