"We’re there as a party to take up the reins for the millions and millions of people in this country who want competent, middle-of-the-road, sensible government." Vince Cable

Sir Vince Cable is a British politician who previously served as Leader of the Liberal Democrats. Vince is known for his interventionist approach to policy issues and, on the matter of Brexit, his support for a second referendum and ultimately revoking Article 50.

Politically active since the 1970s, Vince’s allegiances lay with Labour until the eighties. From that decade onwards, Vince wrote prolifically in favour of globalisation and free trade, preferences which he still holds today as demonstrated by his fervent support of the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership.

Outside of the political sphere, Vince is a keen dancer, having performed a very respectable foxtrot on Strictly Come Dancing in the 2010 Christmas special. He made his literary debut in 2017 with Open Arms, relating the amatory intrigues of a Tory MP “on business” in Mumbai.

"One of the first and only politicians to grasp the global financial crisis" ~ The Telegraph

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