"Great philosophers may be great, but that is no reason to follow them. Don't be a follower. Work it out for yourself." Tim Crane

Tim Crane is currently Professor of Philosophy and head of the Central European University's department of Philosophy having until 2017 been the Knightsbridge Professor ofr Philosophy at the University of Cambridge.  He is a philosopher of mind who focuses on questions about the most general nature, or essence, of the human mind, and about the place of the mind in the rest of nature.  

Tim writes for numerous publications such as the New York Times and is the philosophy editor at the Times Literary Supplement. Crane has a skill for making philosophy understandable to the public, previously writing a tract on Jaffa Cakes to this end. Tim also maintains an interest in Wine having written on 'Wine as an Aesthetic Object' and been Wine Steward at Peterhouse College Cambridge.

"religion has found in Crane a better philosopher than it deserves." Arif Ahmed on Tim Crane

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