"Death makes cynics of us all." Simon Critchley

Simon Critchley is Hans Jonas professor of Philosophy at the New School for Social Research and Professor of Philosophy at the European Graduate School.  He is known for his unabashing confrontations with some of the most difficult, and frightening, questions of philosophy. His work covers a huge range of topics in philosophy and cultural theory from impossibility, through faith and on to suicide. His most recent work Tragedy, the Greeks and Us is a review of how ancient Greek thought can help us explroe the contradictory, constricting and limiting features of human existence. He has spent his career exploring the fascinating relationship between philosophy and literature.

Critchley is Chief Philosophy, and a founding member, of the International Necronautical Society whose purpose is to explore death as an important space in the development of society. He is moderator of the Stone at the New York Times and has written for the Guardian, the Times Literary Supplement and the New Yorker.

"Like his work, he’s full of contradictions, a description I think he’d lovingly embrace." Tyler Malone on Simon Critchley

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