"The point of poetry is to be acutely discomforting, to prod and provoke, to poke us in the eye, to punch us in the nose, to knock us off our feet, to take our breath away." - Paul Muldoon

Pulitzer Prize winner Paul Muldoon is one of the greatest poets alive today. Paul has served as both Professor of Poetry at Oxford University and the poetry editor of The New Yorker.

He published his first book at the age of just 21, and is now the author of thirteen major collections of poetry, and has taught at Princeton University since 1987. He has also published innumerable smaller collections, works of criticism, opera libretti, books for children, song lyrics and radio and television drama. Paul also occasionally appears with a spoken word music group, Rogue Oliphant.

"The most significant English-language poet born since the second World War." - TLS

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