"I cannot remember a time when my morning did not begin with Today - the programme - setting the nation's agenda" Nick Robinson

Nick Robinson is a television and radio journalist and the current presenter of the BBC's Today programme. Nick began his career in the BBC as the deputy editor of Panorama before becoming a political correspondent in 1996. After a brief stint at ITV News, Nick returned to the BBC as political editor in 2005 a position that he held for 10 years.

Nick has become known for his confrontational approach which have led to several run-ins with world leaders such as Tony Blair and George Bush. He has also been caught, on more than one occasion, in accusations of BBC media bias. More recently Nick has become increasingly vocal about the need for a new style of journalism that examines new ideas seriously in their own right, rather than addressing them merely as points of conflict.

"never at a loss and able to deliver not just the news, but a definitive judgment on it" Financial Times

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