“People are terrified of changing their minds. Changing your mind is a door you don’t want to open because you don’t know what’s behind it. Changing your mind means losing all your friends.”  Peter Hitchens

Peter Hitchens is a journalist and author, who has a weekly column in The Mail on Sunday and has written for The Spectator and The American Conservative Magazines. He’s a regular on British radio and television such as Question Time and This Week. An outspoken figure, he is a staunch critic of political correctness and has expressed support for a more socially conservative alternative to the Conservative Party.

Peter Hitchens has recently criticised the British government’s lockdown approach to coronavirus, stating concern over its effect on the economy. He comes to HowTheLightGetsIn to discuss the morality of the current pandemic.

“A forceful, tenacious, eloquent and brave journalist” The Economist.

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