“I just want us all to acknowledge the difference between empirically based scientific theories and metaphysics, or pseudo-science.”

Jim Baggott is a science writer and self-styled “science communicator” who pens books for a general audience about various aspects of physics.

As a child Baggott was curious about the workings of the world and he went on to study chemical physics at Manchester and then Oxford. After a stint in academia he joined Shell, and later opened a consultancy.

Jim’s first book was published in 1992, and he has since written about such topics as Buckminsterfullerene, the atom bomb, and the Higgs boson. He has been outspoken in opposition to what he calls “fairytale physics”, i.e the area of science dealing in highly abstract concepts like supersymmetry and string theory. Jim contends that this way of doing science has lost its grounding in concrete, empirical data and become mere speculation.

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