Inspired by our festival theme, Belief, Hypocrisy and Reason, each debate addresses an unmapped topic on the frontiers of thought. From lab-grown babies to the impact of the Internet, economics post-Covid to the proof against the Big Bang the debates will challenge the very coordinates of what you know.

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20 08 13.Freedom paradox

The Freedom Paradox

20.08.13.Eradicating Gender.hwa

Eradicating Gender

20 08 13.Experimenting with the truth

Experimenting with Truth

20.08.13 Belief hypocrisy reason.hwa

Belief, Hypocrisy and Reason

Stories to believe in 3

Stories to Believe In

20 08 13.How We Became who we are NEW

How We Became Who We Are

artists crusade

Artists' Crusade

20 08 13.Mind over matter

Mind Over Matter

20.08.13. Moral truths tyrannies.hwa

Moral Truths and Moral Tyrannies

20 08 13.Environmental ideas and everyday desires

Environmental Ideals and Everyday Desires

20 08 06.Do No Harm resized

For Your Own Good

Reality Fantasy and Metaphor

Reality, Fantasy and Metaphor

20.08.13 Are you an illusion.hwa

Are you An Illusion?

20 08 13.China

China, Morality and Self-Interest

20 08 13.Beyond right and wrong NEW

Beyond Right and Wrong

20 08 13. Dicing with death NEW

Dicing With Death

20 08 06. OUr story of the universe

Our Story of the Universe

desire relationships and sex new

Desire, Relationships and Sex

20 08 06. injustice NEW

Race, Identity and Justice

form and ritual new

Form and Ritual, Power and Prejudice

20 02 27. Promiscuity and power

Promiscuity and Power

20 08 13.NEW the good the best the west

The Good, The Bad, And the West

A Matter of Facts

A Matter of Facts

20 08 13.Innovation

Innovation and the Future of Capitalism

20.08.13.In Love with Animals.hwa

In Love with Animals?

20 08 13.Tomorrows world NEW

Tomorrow's World

language animals and us new

Language, Animals and Us

20 07 21. Uncovering the universe 4

Uncovering the Universe

Addiction Health and Technology

Addiction, Health and Technology

Tolerance and Outrage

Tolerance and Outrage

20.08.13 Truth about lies.hwa

The Truth about Lies

Dreams delusions class interests

Dreams, Delusions and Class Interests

20.08.13.being seen to be good.hwa

Being Seen to Be Good

20.08.13. Not so equal

Not So Equal