Solo Talks

When they’re not conferring on the most pressing issues of the day in edge-of-your-seat debates with their fellow leading lights, our speakers also have the stage to themselves to offer their insights in our solo talks. It's the perfect opportunity to hear eminent authors, giants of politics, revolutionary philosophers and scientists at the top of their field giving their take on the most urgent and fascinating topics facing the world today.

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john ioannidis science hypocrisy and lies

John Ioannidis - Science, hypocrisy and lies

michael sandel the perils of merit

Michael Sandel - The tyranny of merit

nancy fraser reclaiming the future 2

Nancy Fraser - Reclaiming the future

sundar sarukkai decolonising science

Sundar Sarukkai - Decolonising Science

sabine hossenfelder physics of failure

Sabine Hossenfelder - The Physics of Failure

grace blakeley corona crash

Grace Blakeley - Corona Crash