Absolute moral claims are making a resurgence along with demands for action in response.  Yet at the same time many proclaim the value and importance of upholding diverse cultural outlooks with sometimes radically different moral codes.
To avoid this hypocrisy should we give up belief in a universal moral code, and see morality, as Nietzsche argued, as the product of a monotheistic culture which over the centuries has often led to violence and warfare?  Or should we reassert confidence in our moral framework and deny alternative accounts? Is a 'universal moral code' a guise for the tyranny of western, Christian ethics, or is it the cornerstone of a fair and just society in any culture and at any time?  

Infamous anarcho-capitalist David Friedman is joined by leading analytic philosopher Timothy Williamson and morality specialist Maria Baghramian to dig into the true nature of morality.

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