"It’s not self-help but group help. If the Stoics are worth reading, it’s because they constantly exhort us to rise to our potential — through reason, cooperation and selflessness.”

Nancy Sherman is a Professor of Philosophy at Georgetown University who has conducted research in general ethics, moral psychology and the history of philosophy with focus on the Stoic tradition. A New York Times Notable Author and sought-after speaker, her views on military ethics have been influential. From 1997-1999, she served as the inaugural Distinguished Chair in Ethics at the U. S. Naval Academy, helping to design and teach the brigade-wide military ethics course.

In her 2021 book, Stoic Widsom: Ancient Lessons for Modern Resilience, Sherman guides readers in navigating the contemporary world with the wisdom of Epictetus, Seneca, Marcus Aurelius, and others.

“In this age of political polarization, impulsive tweeting, and the threat of covid-19, Stoic Wisdom is a refreshing reminder that reasonable behavior is still a possibility.” — Washington Independent Review of Books