"For social media to become truly sociable media, we must design interfaces that reflect how we understand and respond to the social world."

Judith Donath is a fellow at Harvard's Berkman-Klein Center for Internet & Society, and the founder of the Social Media Group at the MIT Media Lab. She is also a writer, designer and artist whose work focuses on the co-evolution of technology and society.

Donath is well-known as a pioneer of online social media applications. She is the creator of the first postcard service, The Electronic Postcard, and the first interactive art show, Portraits in Cyberspace. She has also published articles on the problems of cognition in online behavioural dynamics, telerobotics, the ethnography of online communities, to the principles of architecture used to design virtual cities.

"Donath succeeds in painting an unusually deep and personal portrait of the continually expanding universe of social media." — John Meade