" The Conservative government has just reached the period...like the Soviets in the 1960s, that mathematics will open an intellectual escape hatch out of the almighty systemic mess its doctrinaire predecessors have already induced."

Dr Abby Innes weaves political analysis with the scientific method to expose the ironic similarities between our current politics and the Soviet Union. She is an Associate Professor of Political Economy at the European Institute at the LSE. Her work focuses on party-state development, the transition from the Soviet system in Eastern Europe and the modern neoliberal state.

Her most recent book Late Soviet Britain exposes the cruel similarities between the Soviet Union and modern-day Britain that undermine our government and stagnate our society.

"Abby Innes is one of the most original and provocative analysts of politics in Britain. Her inventive, erudite explorations of both right and left… explain so many of the problems which beset the country today." Rory Stewart