"Quantum mechanics is normal. It is the world it describes that is weird"

Scientist, academic, and author, Johnjoe Mcfadden is a Professor of molecular genetics at the University of Surrey. He has researched microbes and genetics and has invented a test for the diagnosis of meningitis. Macfadden has also written extensively on quantum biology, extending the neo-Darwinian framework in his book ‘Quantum Evolution’.

In his new 2021 book, Life is Simple: How Occam’s Razor Set Science Free and Unlocked the Universe, Mcfadden explores Occam's principle of simplicity through the developement of sceince.

"McFadden’s wonderful and thoroughly-researched account of the history of ideas reveals how simplicity as an overarching principle weaves through all the sciences." — Paul Davies, Regents’ Professor of Physics