"Our society has been so obsessed with sex and romance that we tend to only see attractions with those two lenses."

Aline Laurent-Mayard is a journalist, author, and podcast host. They have written for publications such as Le Monde and Slate, and published two books about gender in pop culture. They are interested in the place of LGBTQ + people in society, the evolution of sexuality, love and family.

Maynard also hosts Free From Desire, a biographical narrative documentary podcast that focuses on aromanticism and asexuality.The podcast was the winner of the Narrative Nonfiction Audio Storytelling Award at the 2023 Tribeca Festival. It has received critical acclaim, and has been lauded as a beacon for the asexuality movement.

Aline's "compelling personal story has lessons and insights for anyone with a body." — Tribeca Audio Storytelling Competition jury