Ever since the French Revolution, equality has been the battle cry of those who think themselves progressive. Today on matters of gender and income most want a more equal world and think more should be done to deliver it. But there is a risk that no one really knows what kind of equal world they want, and some critics argue focusing on equality is self-defeating. We don't for example want equality with the lives of others we see as undesirable. And since the 1970's while there have been significant advances in women's rights studies show women's happiness to have decreased. While in the workforce despite the widespread introduction of diversity initiatives, 62% of workers said the programs aren't effective and half say the programs failed them personally.   

Does the demand for equality risk forcing everyone to adopt the same life goals as those driven by money and power? Instead of equality should we focus on the rights and wellbeing of all individuals? Or is the call for equality a key and essential political goal that we cannot afford to abandon or water down?  

Former Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow, philosopher of race Tommy Curry, economist Vicky Pryce, and Conservative MP Lisa Cameron, debate what we want from equality.

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