We have the impression that science unravels the mysteries of the universe. But there is a deep puzzle. With every mystery solved, a new mystery emerges. The Big Bang offered an explanation for the expanding universe but led to the mystery of how it came about. Quantum mechanics accounted for the strange behaviour of subatomic particles, but led to the puzzle of its conflict with general relativity. Dark energy made sense of an accelerating universe but led to the mystery of why we have no evidence for it. Is there a danger that we are making a fundamental mistake in imagining science can eradicate mystery, and do we need to reinterpret our theories as a consequence?  

Do we need to abandon the idea that science is providing a final account of reality, and instead see it as offering powerful new ways to intervene in the world? Is all that matters that the theory works and enables us to predict what will happen, and should we not require the theories to eradicate mystery? Or is the ability to overcome mystery essential to the effective operation of science and a core idea responsible for its success?