We think women can have it all: a career and contributing to the economy along with children and the rewards of raising a family. But critics argue there is a danger that this is impossible in the current social framework. Lifetime earnings for graduate women are still only slightly more than half that of men in both the US and UK. While globally women carry out 75% of domestic labour and over a quarter of women are unable to have a career due to family commitments.   

To address these issues do we need to make it possible for women to have equivalent lifetime earnings to men while also having and rearing families? Do we need a mechanism to enable payment for all currently unpaid work? Or is this a fanciful pipedream and 'having it all' an illusion, and we all must make a choice in the way we balance the satisfactions and rewards of career and personal life?   

Radical journalist Aaron Bastani, and chief economic advisor Vicky Pryce, debate having it all.

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