Big Tech was once the envy of the world, transforming the way we live, work and think. But critics claim attempts to monitor Big Tech have either failed or come too late and point to a profound threat that regulators don't understand what they are regulating. 41 US States are suing Meta for deliberately designing features to addict children.  While a recent high-profile member of the US Congress claimed lawmakers don't understand what AI is, let alone how to regulate it. In addition, critics argue Big Tech's huge financial clout, funding research at universities and salaries of staff in Congress, vitiates independent oversight.

Do Western governments need to follow the Chinese example and build their own expertise and tech platforms to gain the ability and understanding to effectively regulate Big Tech? Should we seek to regain control by breaking up the Big tech companies to create more competition? Or is the value of innovation sufficient to overcome fears of the growing political and cultural power of the technology giants?