Debates are the beating heart of HowTheLightGetsIn and Hay 2024 is no different. Bringing together physicists, philosophers, leading campaigners and more, we seek to challenge the status quos of knowledge and uncover new ways of seeing.

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Morality and the universe 1

Humanity and the Gods of Nature

Slavoj Zizek, Peter Singer, Nancy Sherman
Journey to other dimensions

Journey to Other Dimensions

Avshalom Ellitzur, Marika Taylor, Roger Penrose
Changing who we are.2 .png

Overcoming Evolution

Simon Baron-Cohen, Subrena Smith
24 02 02.violence vengence virtue.ata

Violence, Vengence, and Virtue

Ilan Pappe, Bronwen Maddox, Peter Singer
turtles all the way down.dwk

Turtles all the way down

Donald Hoffman, Hilary Lwson, Priya Natarajan
The democracy show.dwk

The Democracy Show

S.Y. Quraishi, Amy Chua, Sophie Scott-Brown
Speed of light debate Howthelightgetsin fesitval hay 2024

Faster Than Light

Claudia de Rham, Tim Maudlin, Joao Magueijo
78 The New Overlords HowTheLightGetsIn Festival Hay 2024

The New Overlords

Ali Allawi, Claire Provost & Armen Sarkissian
Multipolar WOrld

Navigating the New world order

Bronwen Maddox, Armen Sarkissian & Christina Lamb
tales of reality.1.dwk

Trouble With Language

Tim Maudlin, Hilary Lawson
the real me.dwk

The Real Me

Steve Taylor, Anneli Jefferson, Jack Symes, Frank Tallis
tyrrany of the pen.dwk

The Tyranny of the Pen

John Ralston Saul, Joanna Kavenna, Ruth Padel
nightmare in suburbia.dwk

Nightmare in Suburbia

Sophie Scott-Brown, Des Fitzgerald, Hannah Rich
Something for nothing

Something For Nothing

Paul Bloom, Nancy Sherman & Dan Ariely
24 01 25.darwin.ata

Darwin vs Consciousness

Stuart Hameroff, Antonella Tramacere, Denis Noble
Dark Energy Debate Howthelightgetsin festival hay 2024 min

Dark Energy and The Universe

Claudia de Rham, Priya Natarajan, Chris Lintott
24 02 02.opportunity wars.ata

The Equality Dream

Tommy Curry, Vicky Pryce, John Bercow & Lisa Cameron
ai and creativity.dwk

The Creativity Crisis

Judith Donath, Martha Fiennes & John Ralston Saul
24 01 25.controlling tech titans.ata

Controlling the Tech Titans

Kenneth Cukier, Alexander Evens, Joscha Bach, Shannon Vallor
The begining of the universe debate HowTheLightGetsIn Festival Hay 20204 min

The Riddle of the Beginning

Scott Aaronson, Marika Taylor, John Lennox, Joscha Bach
24 02 02.unleashing the

Optimising Ourselves

James Riley, Nancy Sherman, Jessica DeFino
24 01 ownership hypocrisy.ata

Land, Ownership and Hypocrisy

Dale Turner, Tommy Curry, Peter Singer, Janne Teller
Debate on values HowTheLightGesIn Hay Festival 2024 min

A World Without Values

Tommy Curry, Eva Illouz, Robin van den Akker
mystery in the making1

Mystery In The Making

Bjørn Ekeberg, Claudia de Rham, Harry Cliff
Debate on Imagination limitless HowTheLightGetsIn Hay Festival 2024

Imagining the Unimaginable

Joanna Kavenna, Martha Fiennes & Simon Barion-Cohen
The indian century

The Indian Century

Meghnad Desai, S.Y. Quraishi, Kate Sullivan de Estrada
24 02 02.biological boundaries.ata

The Agents of Life

Johnjoe McFadden, Frances Ashcroft, Denis Noble
Having it all.dwk

Having It All

Vicky Pryce, Aaron Bastani
24 02 02.crazy stupid love.ata

Happily Ever After

Simon May, Jenny Kleeman, Myriam François
24 02 02.theories reality world.ata

Thinking set free

Subrena E Smith, Paul Bloom, Stuart Hameroff
better left unsaid

Better Left Unsaid

Theodore Dalrymple, Simon Wessely , Vanessa King
24 02 02.the scientists mind.ata

The Values and Prejudices of Science

Ben Ware, Tim Palmer, Marika Taylor
24 02 02.the new sacred.ata

Belief, Value and Superstition

Paul Bloom, Fellipe do Vale, Catherine Rowett, Winston Marshall
24 02 02.after postmodernism.ata

After Postmodernism

Robin Van den Akker, Abby Innes, Hilary Lawson
Lost in stories.dwk

Lost in stories

Matthew Beaumont, Ruth Padel & Thangam Debbonaire
24 02 02.thinking set freeata

Truth, Theory, and Ultimate Reality

Abby Innes, Time Maudlin, Bernard Carr, Lisa Randall
Beauty in the eye of the beholder

The Politics of Beauty

Janne Teller, Justine Kolata, Simon May, Jessica DeFino
24 02 gender language.ata

Sex, Language, and Gender

Fellipe do Vale, Güneş Taylor, Aline Laurent-Mayard
data deception and truth

Data, Deception and Truth

John Burn-Murdoch, Abby Innes, Kenneth Cukier