Debates are the beating heart of HowTheLightGetsIn Hay 2024. Bringing together physicists with Nobel laureats, philosophers with leading campaigners, we seek to uncover new ways of seeing and challenge the status quos of knowledge.

Explore a first taste of our panels and debates below...

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Morality and the universe 1

Morality and the Universe

Slavoj Zizek & Peter Singer
Changing who we are.2 .png

The Human Animal

Daniel Dennett, Simon Baron-Cohen & Subrena Smith
turtles all the way down.dwk

Turtles All The Way Down

Donald Hoffman & Hilary Lawson
Something for nothing

Something For Nothing

Paul Bloom & Dan Ariely
Multipolar WOrld

Navigating the world order

Armen Sarkissien & Cristina Lamb
the real me.dwk

The Real Me

Steve Taylor & Frank Tallis
the new overlords

The New Overlords

mystery in the making1

Mystery In The Making

ai and creativity.dwk

AI and The Creativity Crisis

tales of reality.1.dwk

Tales of Reality

Journey to other dimensions

Journey to Other Dimensions

The democracy show.dwk

The Democracy Show

nightmare in suburbia.dwk

Nightmare in Suburbia

Lynne Segal
better left unsaid

Better Left Unsaid

Lost in stories.dwk

Lost in stories

The indian century

The Indian Century

tyrrany of the pen.dwk

The Tyranny of the Pen

Having it all.dwk

Having It All