Accessibility Information

At HowTheLightGetsIn, we strive to ensure that everyone can enjoy the event, so we try our best to make the festival site as accessible as possible. If you have any questions that are not covered in the below please email and our head of accessibility Millie will try to  respond to your request within 7 working days.

Click here to download a Word Document version of the below accessibility information, in larger text.

Personal Assistant / Carer Ticket

We provide a free ticket for a personal assistant or carer to ticket holders who would be unable to attend, or those whose experience would be greatly impaired without their presence. To receive a Carer’s Ticket you must have already purchased a ticket for to attend yourself.

To apply for a Carer’s Ticket please drop us an email at Include your ticket confirmation number along with the name of the personal assistant/ carer.

Festival Site

Site conditions: HowTheLightGetsIn takes place on the bank of the River Wye, and in the surrounding fields. The area is predominantly grass. In the event of bad weather, mud and puddles are likely.
There will be some hardened pathways covering the main routes through the site, but just as we prepare for all conditions we do ask that you do to. So please consider the ground conditions and unpredictable British weather when deciding what facilities you may need and what equipment you need to bring.

Entering the site:  Details on the specific location of the site entrance, along with its location in relation to the campsite, car parking will be updated near to the event.  A to scale map, including the location of camping, parking, the medical tent, and disabled toilets, will be available nearer to the festival date.

Events & Stages:  All event venues are wheelchair accessible. Where the entrance to a venue is slightly raised, a ramp will be on hand to ensure all can access the space.

Seating - The majority of our venues are completely seated, and there are chairs available in all venues for those who need them. If you need to be seated in a venue, we recommend arriving at events slightly before their start time in order to inform the steward on hand of your needs. They will ensure that you have access to a seat for the duration of the event. For those in wheel chairs we would also recommend arriving at events early to ensure that you can enter the venue before the rest of the crowd, and find a space that works for you to be located.

Queuing – Upon arrival at an event, if you have a disability which means you are unable to stand for long periods, please inform the steward and they will be able let you into the event in advance of the rest of the queue.

Platforms – We do not have raised platforms at any of our stages as the majority of our events are seated. If you find this seriously impacts your festival experience, please let us know by emailing

Facilities: We will have dedicated Disabled Toilets around the festival site - location TBC closer to the time of the festival.

Getting to HowTheLightGetsIn

Car Park Access:

There is an on-site car park with dedicated Disabled spaces. Customers with a blue badge can access this. If you do not have a blue badge but need to make use of disabled parking, please email our team at

Disabled parking is accessed via the Deliveries and Disabled Access. This is a left turn off Newport Street, just pass the Co-Op as you are driving out of Hay-on-Wye. Disabled parking is only accessible during the hours the festival is open, and vehicles cannot be left here over night.

Disabled parking spaces are limited, so please only make use of them if really necessary. Our main festival car park is just the other side of Newport Street. You can book spaces in the main car park here

Information about public transport routes, along with Taxi drop off points, will be available nearer to the time.

Assistance Dogs

We can accommodate guide and assistance dogs on site. Unfortunately, any non-service dog is not permitted on the site.