"You can't be transgender and not know that there is a crack in everything" Sophie-Grace Chappell

Sophie-Grace Chappell is a Professor of Philosophy at the Open University, who writes about ethics, politics, feminism and epistemology. Her books include Ethics Beyond the Limits, Knowing What To Do, and Ethics and Experience. Her most recent book is the edited collection Intuition, Theory, and Anti-Theory in Ethics, published in 2015. She also writes poetry, and may well be the UK's first openly transgender academic philosopher, an experience she has written about for Aeon and The Lovepost.

Her most recent fascination, and subject of her latest book, is epiphanies - moments of revelation that change how we see the world through offering truths that depend on our position and perspective.

On Knowing What To Do: "an inspiring expression of an ethical vision with deep historical roots and urgent contemporary relevance... an ethical exemplar" The Times Literary Supplement

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