"I hope that we can look back in 10 years and say, gosh, I remember when all of those technologies were rolled out and we had to spend five years taking the government to court and now we live in, yes, a technologically advanced but a freer, happier, more creative society." Silkie Carlo

Silkie Carlo is the founding director of Big Brother Watch, a non-party, non-profit, civil liberties organisation formed to protect the privacy of UK citizens.

Before founding Big Brother Watch, Silkie was a Senior Advocacy Officer at Liberty, an advocacy group intended to protect civil liberties and to engender a "rights culture" in British society. Silkie was also involed in both the legal challenge to the Investigatory Powers Act and Edward Snowden's official defence fund. Outside of her civil rights campaigning, Silkie is also a passionate Buddhist and a self-professed 'Vegangelist'.

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