“The greatest emergency is the absence of emergency.” Santiago Zabala

Santiago Zabala is a philosopher and cultural critic. The goal of philosophy for Zabala is to thrust us into absent emergencies (such as climate change, economic inequality, and refuges crisis) in order to disrupt the ongoing “return to order” that surveillance capitalism and right-wing populism are imposing upon us. He is ICREA Research Professor of Philosophy at Pompeu Fabra University and author of several books on aesthetics and political philosophy. His writing has appeared in the New York Times, The Los Angeles Review of Books, and the Guardian.

His latest book, Being at Large. Freedom in the Age of Alternative Facts (2020), demonstrates the anarchic power of philosophy by calling for interpretive disruptions of the authoritarian narrative as a way of reclaiming freedom in the age of alternative facts.

"Zabala sets the record straight in the ongoing debate on fake news in which philosophical issues gained political urgency.” Slavoj Žižek, University of Ljubljana.

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