"There's little room for dogma, because we constantly have to be re-educating ourselves." Natasha Vita-More

Dr. Natasha Vita More is an auhtor, strategic designer, and scientist, working in the fields of human enhancement technology and life extension. Natasha is the Executive Director of Humanity+, the world's largest transhumanist organisation, which advocates the ethical use of technology to expand human capacities.

Natasha wrote the Transhuman Manifesto in 1982, which discussed the possibility of overcoming disease and extending lifespans. She is currently a Professor Emeritus of Ethics and Innovation at the University of Advancing Technology, Scientific Advisor of the Life Extension Advocacy Foundation, and a Fellow of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies.

"If you want to meet an early adopter of these revolutionary changes, look no further than Natasha Vita-More" Wired

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