“A true scientist is bored by knowledge; it is the assault on ignorance that motivates him - the mysteries that previous discoveries have revealed.” Matt Ridley

Matt Ridley is a journalist, businessman and popular science writer, as well as a member of the House of Lords.

As a journalist Matt has regularly contributed to The Economist, The Times, The Daily Telegraph and The Wall Street Journal. His writing covers a range of topics from libertatianism and support for Brexit to his interest in the science of human nature and its normative implications. Matt has authored almost a dozen books on popular science and related topics to much critical acclaim. His most recent work How Innovation Works argues that innovation is a disorganized, bottom-up process rather than the work of genius individuals.

“Ridley can explain with equal verve difficult moral issues, philosophical quandaries and technical biochemistry; he distinguishes facts from opinions well, and he's not shy about offering either” Publishes Weekly

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