Lisa Bortolotti is a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Birmingham. She is known for her work on the philosophy of the cognitive sciences, dealing with cognitive fallibility, delusions, poor knowledge of the self, and mental health. From 2014 to 2019, Lisa led a project on Pragmatic and Epistemic Role of Factually Erroneous Cognitions and Thoughts (PERFECT).

Lisa has authored and edited several books, including Delusions and Other Irrational Beliefs, in which she argues, against the orthodox position, that beliefs are not constrained by rationality, so delusions can be understood as types of beliefs. Lisa's most recent book, published this year, is The Epistemic Innocence of Irrational Beliefs, in which she interrogates the ways in which irrational beliefs can still be both practically and epistemically valuable.

Lisa also runs a blog, Imperfect Cognitions, and regurlarly writes for Aeon and The Philosopher's Magazine.

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