“I started philosophy looking for answers. But along the way I came to prize exploring the questions.”

Kwame Anthony Appiah British-Ghanaian philosopher, cultural theorist, and novelist Kwame Anthony Appiah is a Professor of Philosophy at NYU Department of Philosophy and NYU's School of Law. Kwame's research interests include moral theory, the philosophy of language and mind, and African intellectual history.

Kwame has authored over a dozen books of philosophy, three works of fiction and regularly contributes to journals. His books have received multiple awards for their contributions to social philosophy and cultural pluralism. Kwame has also frequently appeared in television and film to discuss his ideas, and has been awarded several honours for life time achievement, including being named a top global thinker by Foreign Policy magazine and receiving the National Humanities Medal at a ceremony at the White House

“We need more thinkers as wise as Appiah” New York Times

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