"Any American effort to decouple itself from China could well result in America decoupling itself from the world."

Kishore Mahbubani has served as both President of the UN Security Council and as Singapore’s Ambassador to the UN. His career as a diplomat stretched from 1971 until 2004 when he became Founding Dean of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. As Professor in the Practice of Public Policy, he is an honorary international member to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Kishore has an honorary doctorate from Dalhousie University and was a fellow at the Centre for International Affairs at Harvard University. His numerous book titles include Has the West Lost It? and Has China Won?: The Chinese Challenge to American Primacy. In 2004, Kishore was awarded a medal for his service to diplomacy by the Foreign Policy Association.

‘A gifted diplomat, a student of history and philosophy, a provocative writer and an intuitive thinker.’ Foreign Policy Association