“Life without hope is hopelessly difficult but at the end hope can so easily make fools of us all.”

Henry Marsh is one of the UK's leading neurosurgeons, and a pioneer of neurosurgical advances in Ukraine. After reading Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Oxford, Henry went on to graduate with Honours in Medicine from the Royal Free Medical School.

Henry is perhaps best known for his 2014 memoir Do No Harm, which was met with enormous acclaim. In it, Henry offers insight into the life of a neurosurgeon, and describes the agonising weight of having a patient's life in his hands. In 2017, Henry published a second memoir, entitled Admissions: A Life in Brain Surgery in which he expands on his 40 year career as a brain surgeon.

"If Marsh is even a tenth as good a neurosurgeon as he is a writer, I'd let him open my skull any time" The Independent

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