"The person with a why to live for can bear almost any how,” claimed Nietzsche. And from Aristotle's human flourishing, to Kant's pursuit of the highest good, philosophers have offered many answers to the ‘why’ of life.

They are joined today by a host of psychologists, pundits and politicians all offering their own solutions. But the goal and purpose of life remains unknown.  Many have thought ‘happiness’ might be the answer but it turns out to be a largely English-speaking and European phenomenon. For the Chinese loyalty and stability are the predominant goals. What we do know is that in the West more than half of young adults report that they lack 'meaning, purpose... and knowing what to do with their life'.

Is the mistake to look for a goal in the first place? Or is the purpose of life to choose a purpose and make it our own? Then again, is the unknown character of the goal of life the very thing that gives life its edge, its meaning and its value? 

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