HowTheLightGetsIn Online 2020   LIVE NOW!

Thank you for a fantastic Sunday. We will be back Monday 10:00AM (GMT +1) for the final day of the festival!

To join the online festival and watch events click here

We are doing some final rehearsals of events across our site before we go live so please bear with us until 5.

The theme for our Hay festival was going to be 'Uncharted Territory', and hearing the leading thinkers plot their route through the unpredictable waters that the whole world is currently navigating is more important than ever.

Over four days of a long weekend, you can join groundbreaking debates, talks, along with the hottest music and comedy - all set on a virtual festival site.

Click on a venue from our virtual map to see what's going on inside. There are live event venues where you can take your seat to watch cutting edge debates, talks and academy sessions and have your questions answered in online versions of famous Q&As.

And as ever it's not just the speakers who have a lot to say at HowTheLightGetsIn. There's plenty of opportunity to meet and make friends with other festival goers in our social venues sharing your video and sound. Plus you never know which of our world famous speakers you might find enjoying a drink at one of our virtual bars.

Didn't get your tickets in advance? There's no need to miss out. We have had to limit numbers to ensure stability of the site and full interactivity for those attending - but we still have a handful of tickets left before reaching our capacity. Tickets available here.


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