HowTheLightGetsIn Global 2020 is just like a real world festival.

Set on a virtual site, spanning London, Delhi and New York, the festival brings you events from 7 different venues.

The Arena is host to the biggest debates with events running all day bringing together panels of the world's leading thinkers, debating the biggest ideas.

The International osts groundbreaking debates exploring the festival theme 'Uncharted territory' in philosophy, science, politics and the arts.

In the Ring our speakers present solo talks on their latest breakthrough or big idea.

In the Academy, you'll find leading academics from the top universities across the world, and the institutions at the forefront of their field, delivering live courses with fully interactive Q&As.

In the Hat, you will be able to find live events from in depth interviews, and interactive ideas sessions, to our headline music names.

In the Stage, you can listen to music, cabaret and comedy, and chat to one of the speakers after their debate by visiting the relevant table.

The Dance Tent comes alive at night, with top tunes spun by the world's most exciting DJs.

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