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HowTheLightGetsIn Global 2020  19- 20 September

The world's first fully immersive and interactive online festival experience. 

View from Arena

More than 200 events will be live streamed in 7 stages across the festival site.

Start on the festival site and navigate to one of the venues.  Go inside.  Explore the venue.  Check out what's on.  Contribute to the conversation in the public chat. Agree with your friends where to go next.  Cross the festival site to the next location, stop on the way in one of the bars to chat with other festival goers.  

Dip in and out of 19 hours of live events each day so that, wherever you are in the world, there are hours of riveting experiences and fun at your fingertips.

A fully interactive version of the live site will be available shortly.  For now,  click a venue below to explore the site and get a taste of how the online festival works.

Tier 2 tickets are now on sale here;

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View of Box Office from bar 100

Box Office

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View From Bar Stage

The Stage

20 08 06.View From Bar Dance Tent resized

The Dance Tent