“Most of the ways we think about our institutions, constitutions and political organisations are framed in a particular way: at a minimum, the theoretical premise is that we need some kind of structure in order to make citizens compliant and to make us cooperate. Anarchists start from a very different foundation: that we naturally cooperate.”

Ruth Kinna is a professor of political philosophy at Loughborough University, working in the Department of Politics, History and International Relations. An expert on anarchism, she has been the editor of the journal Anarchist Studies since 2007 and has authored multiple books on radical politics. She also writes for popular publications including The Conversation, Strike! Magazine, Novara Media and Dope. Kinna has appeared on many radio and TV shows talking about radical politics, including BBC Radio 4’s In Our Time, The Moral Maze and Russell Brand’s Under the Skin.

“The Government of No One [Kinna’s most recent book] will undoubtedly become obligatory reading for those who wish to learn about anarchism, as well as for scholars of radical politics in general.” – The Times

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