“We can say that God doesn’t exist… But that doesn’t get rid of all those conceptual adherences that keep dualities and hierarchies in place.”

Mary-Jane Rubenstein is professor of religion; feminist, gender, and sexuality studies; and science in society at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, USA. Her most recent book Pantheologies: Gods, Worlds and Monsters explores the turbulent history of the idea that God and the world are identical. She points to the potential of pantheism - by rejecting the fundamental difference between God and world, pantheism threatens all the other oppositions that stem from it: light versus darkness, male versus female, and humans versus every other organism. The book continues her practice of writing deep interdisciplinary dives into such fascinating topics as the multiverse and wonder.

“Rubenstein will save us every time from the totalitarian tendencies of certain regions of process philosophy, from the Teutonic idealisms of post-Hegelian theologies, even from the totalizing forms of monistic pantheisms. ” - Nancy Frankenberry

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